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the toy poodle is one of the most popular appreciated and lovable types of poodles in the world, if you thought there was only one poodle type the FCI actually recognizes for according to their size, this article is concerned with the smallest of them all even smaller than dwarf poodles, so let’s get started.

The poodle is a direct descendant of the bar ‘but a breed of African origin which came to the Iberian Peninsula and crossed with Portuguese water dogs. The breeds would later separate thanks to breeders, wanting to develop a waterfowl hunting dog. As for the name the French for poodle is Caniche (kanesh), deriving from the word for female duck. Thanks to the sociable, extremely faithful and positive character, the poodle sees to be a hunting dog and became mainly in companion animal. Becoming the national dog breed of France by the 15th century. From then on, breeders strove to achieve a uniform coat color, avoiding spots or unwanted patterns. In 1922 the poodle Club was founded in Paris and a few years later in 1936, the FCI established the official breed standard, it was not until 1984 when the toy poodle standard was created.

Toy poodles are small dogs with a height, which should not exceed 28 centimeters at the withers. The way it should be around 2 to 2.5 kilograms. In reference to their coats there are two types, those with curly hair which is abundant frizzy and uniform, or those with corded hair which is fine woolly and dense, forming cords up to 20 centimeters long. The coat color can be black, white, grey, brown, or fawn. But always solid and uniform in color. Toy poodles are as with other poodle types active obedient and intelligent dogs. They are easy to train and educate. We can also speak of a particularly sociable breed, so they do not do well in the absence of tutors. In fact excessive and prolonged loneliness, can cause unwanted behaviors such as destructiveness, stress, or becoming overly vocal. They are ideal for families with children due to its positive character and energy, becoming an ideal companion for little ones in the home. They can also socialize well with other pets and elderly people as long as they have been positively socialized during this sensitive period as a puppy.

Due to the characteristics of their fur, the toy poodle needs to be brushed daily, in this way we can avoid the formation of tangles, dirt accumulation, and excess hair in the home. It is advisable they are given a monthly bath. Let us not forget about eye, ear, tooth, and nail care as part of their basic hygiene needs, another important aspect of their care, is physical and mental stimulation. Since they are very physically active dogs with an alert mind, this requires a tutor who can provide superior enrichment, more than many other dogs need. We should offer between 3 to 4 walks per day, while also practicing other physical exercise or during sport, environmental enrichment at home will also help us in this regard. Finally we must not forget the importance of feeding, which will affect the dog’s codes and overall health.

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