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Shih Tzu’s are energetic lively little dogs to thrive on human companionship and for decades, they have been among the most popular family pets and companions throughout the world, and in the UK for good reason. They are bright, alert, smart, and loyal to their owners. Known for their boldness and longevity, these little dogs are also highly adaptable by nature, be just as happy living in an apartment as they are in a house. Thought that their origin is from Tibet, where they were highly prized for thousands of years by Tibetan monks. They were kept in monasteries because they were known to be loyal and trustworthy companions as well as extremely good little watchdogs. From time to time, these dogs called Tibetan lion dogs were sent as gifts to Chinese emperors, where they were kept in the Imperial Palace.

Both males and females grow 20 to 28 centimeters, weigh in just 4 to 7.2 kilos. the Shih Tzu is a sturdy little dog, boast a silky luxuriously long coat, they are known to have a bit of an arrogant look about them which often makes these dogs even more endearing. the Shih Tzu has a long dense outer coat and a moderate undercoat that should never be wooly in texture, some dogs have a slight wave in their coats which is permitted under the KC breed standard, it is worth noting that the length of the coats should never be that long that it interferes with the movement, nor should affect a dog’s vision either, which is why it’s common practice to see.

They come in just about any color and color combination, with parti-colored, Shih Tzu’s having a white blaze on their foreheads and white tips to their tails, Shih Tzu’s are high maintenance when it comes to keeping their coats looking nicely sleek and healthy skin, their coats are silky and long luxury even not regularly trimmed. they have hair which is not like other dogs and it grows right down to the ground, with a said daily grooming sessions are a must to keep the ship Sue’s coat tangle free, which is why it’s essential for puppies to be groomed from a young age, so they get used to all the tools and having that is paws and other parts of their body touched and play with. It’s important for the experience to be good right from the start sort of dog looks forward to the grooming session, rather than being afraid of being brushed.

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