Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the most famous titan cat breeds, but is maybe one of the most sought-after of any other cat breeds. Regardless of size they also stand out as a cat with a strong personality, which creates a strong bond with their owners.

the Maine Coon is a breed endemic to USA, exactly the state of Maine (it’s estimated that around 1850), long-haired cats came from Asia and Europe, which then after made it with local short-haired cats, the result were a suitable large cat, with a thick fur and a strong build. The shortened name could not being added to its place of origin, to provide their breed term. This breed was popular in rural environments and became widespread on farms in the northeast of America, they were imported to the UK in 1980 and in 1982 were recognized by the fédération Internationale Phelan, and later by the Governing Council of the cat fancy in 1993. It is currently considered one of the most popular cat breeds throughout the world, if you want to know everything about this fantastic feline we should start with a general review of the breed standard.

It’s a big sized cat with a long tail, square head, and large ears.  Its body structure is strong thanks to powerful bones and a strong musculature. Males usually have the most muscular and strong neck, but generally both females and males have large legs and a long fluffy tails. Their pointy ears with Tufts of hair, are also very interesting mark in the breed, which make big similarity with their wild cousins the lynx. Finally we highlight their large eyes which can be of any color. Their first should be dents in the back as well as the chest and belly, but shorter in the head shoulders and legs, it is silky to the touch and also has an undercoat, this is a dense thick layer which helps protect them against cold climate.

 We can say that the character of the Maine Coon is sweet, friendly, and playful. Generally, they are very sociable, but a special attention needs to be paid when it is a kitten in order to ensure their balance and sociality, the most important period of age is between three and seven weeks, as this is the time the kittens must remain with their mother and siblings. This allows them to learn many good behaviors (learn bite inhibition, hard to play with others, and learn the feline language). At this point, they should also meet with other animals and other people, to prevent them from misbehaving when they are older. Cats will love to play and have fun during all times of its life, including during old age. Maine Coons are very smart felines, capable of recognizing several words and commands. Something peculiar to this breed is their vocalization famous as they are for their frequent hiles, gurgles, and chattering. There are also found of water and snow which is unusual for most other cats.

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