Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds, due to both their adorable appearance and the huge amount of personality they store in their little bodies. In this article we bring you everything you need to know about these lovely dogs, so you can find out for yourself why they are so beloved.

The history of the Jack Russell Terrier begins in the UK, but was developed properly in Australia, Reverend Russell a level of the terrier type dogs and foxhunting devoted himself to raising and crossing to different dogs, the result became the Jack Russell Terrier and the parson Russell terrier. Although they have many features in common, they can define height with the Jack Russell Terrier being lower yet. The Australian club of the The Jack Russell Terrier was founded in 1972, and in 2001 was the official recognition by FCI according to the official standard of the breed, the Jack Russell Terrier must be longer than its height. the ideal height at the withers is 25 to 30 centimeters( up to 12 inches), and their weight varies between 5 and 6 kilograms as every 5 centimeters in height should correspond to 1 kilogram in weight.

The Jack Russell has a slightly elongated snout and short legs, though they have relatively a small size, they have a powerful musculature with a solid build. As for the other characteristics, the Jack Russells have a slightly elongated snout with black lips and noses, their jaws are strong which are surprisingly deep and they have a beautiful small and dark eyes with a black rim like their nose. The Jack Russells coat is either short or dense or longer and rough, both types being accepted in the breed, however both are waterproof and they are predominantly white with either black, brown, or tan markings. Like many hunting dogs the Jack Russell Terrier has a bold active curious and alert character, they are very intelligent, faithful, and brave. Despite the small size. having so much energy they are very active and love to play, making them an ideal companion for children and active families, the Jack Russell is a tireless dog, so it is important to have them play and exercise a lot to burn accumulated energy.

The Jack Russell is an excellent working dog, they can be taught techniques related to the land, as they are excellent diggers, and their sense of smell makes them great for truffle hunting and mushroom. Appropriate education based on deep Researches is necessary to ensure that Jack Russell Terrier in good health, any failure to educate them well, can cause some behavior troubles. If you don’t have patience to devote to their education, or you don’t have an active lifestyle, or you don’t have an active lifestyle, then owning the Jack Russell Terrier is not the good idea for you, their education needs to start when there are a puppy. Making them socialize with other animals and with the environment around them, being a very curious and active dog, it is important to devote time to their needs and to always keep them mentally excited. Start with basic commands but don’t go overboard too early, provide 15 minute lessons otherwise they will get bored and distracted. As far as walking is concerned, they will need 3 to 4 walks a day, possibly alternating the trips.

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