The Dachshund

Dachshund is the original name of the well-known sausage dog, in German it means badger dog as they were previously used for the hunting of badgers from his air lease the 1540s. Sausage dogs are also known as tackle or dackel and both words are also German, now let’s discover more about their origin.

The dachshund was already a popular dog in the middle Ages, at this time they were crossed with many types of hand dogs, with the intention of creating a dog with great ability to hunt underground. They were loved for their hunting abilities but were also known for their tracking, due to their incredible sense of smell. The first club dedicated to the breeding of dachshunds was founded in 1888. There are different types of dachshunds according to their core and weight, the International Sinha logical Federation recognizes three varieties of size standard, miniature, and rabbit. For hunting rabbits and three varieties of hair, short, long, and wire haired. They are short and elongated dogs, so they’re nicknamed sausage dog illustrates them really well. They can be single colored from red to yellow or by colored which includes black or brown with red spots, their cool can also be Harlequin or brindle. One interesting fact to noise and proportion to their size, they are one of the dogs with the biggest teeth, they are very playful and friendly, likewise, they are very protective and faithful to their owners.

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