The Bulldog

The Bulldog

A bulldog is a medium-sized breed, and according to the American Kennel Club, bulldog is considered as the fourth most popular dog breed, it is also called an English bulldog or British bulldog, but note that there is a big difference between the American Bulldog or French Bulldog, which are not same breeds. Bulldogs are a medium-sized dog breed having a wide chest and shoulders, they have a short faced head, their face is wrinkled and their nose is covered with some folds, Bulldogs have short legs and short tail.

This dog descends into the ancient Mastiffs breed, his origins His origins are from England and he is the national animal there. As their name suggests, they were bred to be used in a bloody sport called bull baiting, give your bulldog a balanced diet that contains protein, carbs, vitamins, and all required nutrients. commercially available foods are usually okay, there are some dog foods prepared specifically for Bulldogs, check the list of ingredients on the label, it’s the first two or three ingredients on the list are meat then the food is of good quality, use stainless steel containers instead of plastic ones, plastic bowls may cause irritation or rashes on a Bulldogs face, make sure your Bulldog has easy access to clean and fresh water. A bulldog puppy needs to be fed almost four times a day, when a puppy becomes 12 months of age, his weight has already been increased by seven or eight times, the bulldog is nutritionally considered as an adult at 18 months.Adult Bulldog is usually fed twice a day, physical activity and moderate exercise are necessary for a bulldog to remain active and avoid overweight problems. Typically, Bulldogs are a low-energy breed, but some sporting activities, play sessions, walks, etc. will keep them in a good Psychological comfort, just walk and don’t run.

 Bulldogs are a small breed with short legs and a heavy weight so running will tire them out quickly. Bulldogs love to Frisbee or chase a ball, they touch it with their noses and bring it back to you. Take your Bulldog to a dog park or dog playgroup, where he can play and socialize with other dogs, this will help to stimuli his mind and body. English bulldogs need around 30 to 40 minutes of exercise daily, while exercising have a look on them and check for any signs of breathing or heating problems, hot weather an extreme temperature can create breathing or overheating problems for them.

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