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the British Shorthair cat is considered one of the oldest and most popular of the great British breeds, if you’re thinking of adopting a cat of this breed or one which has some mixed British Shorthair heritage, in this few paragraphs, you will learn all you need to provide the care end love they deserve.

the British Shorthair is considered one the oldest feline breeds, some theory suggests it was the Roman invaders in the 1st century BC who brought the ancestors of this breed from Egypt, these foreign felines crossed with native cats giving way to a cat of robust Constitution and a very dense coat, according to various standardization bodies the morphology of this breed has had minimal change over the years, however between around 1914 to 191 according to the International cat Association, this breed was cross with the Persian cat to create the British long hair breed.

the British Shorthair is a compact powerful and balanced cat, females are slightly smaller than males which have a larger chin and head, these details can be seen when the cat reaches sexual maturity and is fully developed at around 3 to 5 years of life,, the British Shorthairs coat is short very dense and firm to the touch, it often appears to have a gleaming appearance, contrary to what it may seem this breed does not have a double layer or dawn coat, the colors of British Shorthair cats are white, black, blue, red, cream, or smoked. The cat can reach an adult width of between 4 and 8 kilograms.

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