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the Bengal cat is a hybrid animal (mixt of two breeds, a domestic cat and the Asian leopard cat),the Asian leopard cat is a wildcat, which Looks like a leopard in terms of marks on its fur, this make people think that the Bengal cat is a wild cat, but this absolutely is not true.

Just keep reading these paragraphs if you want to learn about this beautiful feline. The name Bengal cat derived from the taxonomic name of their wild relative the Asian Leopard Cat, this means the Latin name which we use to categorize animals and their breeds. the breeding of this feline has been carried out since 1963 in the USA thanks to some human intervention, the Bengal cat has a strong and robust build and is larger than most domestic cat breeds, males are larger at between 4.5 and 6.8 kilos, with females being a little smaller at between 6.5 and 5.5 kilos, their coat is short but thick and very soft to the touch, the only coat pattern allowed by breeders for the Bengal cat is the brindle pattern, however the color may vary with a range of tones including ivory, cream, yellow, gold, and orange colors. They are a loving breed which develops close bonds with those with which they share a living space. They are likely to follow family members around the home and are particularly good with children.

Bengal cats will also get along well with different animals such as other cats, dogs, and even ferrets. in addition, it is important to Remember that this type of cat is like other animals, surly their genetic inheritance will control their behavior and personality, But fortunately, there is some factors are much more important, like their daily experiences gained from socialization, for that raison, before adopting a Bengal cat, you should learn about them the maximum possible, this way they will have the best opportunity to have a happy and healthy life with you.

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