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With their large eyes and lovely round faces, friendly personalities, the Persian cats are a popular breed to own, like with all pets, so there are many things that people who want this type of cat should know, from coat care to health issues.

 Method 1: caring for your cat’s coat

step 1: brush your cat’s fur at an early age:  if you want your cat accept being brushed always, you need to start brushing her at an early age, from her first day in life, This way the cat will get used to this action, if you don’t do this it will be harder to protect her coat.

Step 2: get a great comb that works well on Persian fur: use a specific comb to detangle your cat’s long fur properly, also a metal slicker can be useful to avoid all problem’s fur like a tangled hair.

Step 3: brush or cat’s fur every day so that she stays healthy: while many thinks that brushing fur is not important, a Persians long fur can become a real problem, when the cat’s fur gets tangled it becomes matted for a several reasons.

Step 4: see a professional groomer: your cat’s fur might become matted for a variety of reasons, it might be from a lack of brushing. If cats get overweight or older and less healthy, they can also become less efficient in self grooming and less able to take care of themselves, this can’t lead to tangled and matted fur.

Method 2 helping your cat with breathing issues

Step 1: keep your cat’s nose clean: keeping the nose of your cat clean, is the best way to stay away from any respiratory infections, because their shortened nose can easily become blocked and this makes breathing very difficult, so use a clean towel to wipe her nose and Make sure to be wet in warm water.

Step 2: get your cat vaccinated regularly: Persians have a stubby noses, thing that exposes them to respiratory infection. Normally cats have a high defensive layer in their noses that help keep bacteria and other pathogens out, but Persians lack this extra defense, because of this, get a regular vaccinations against cat flu, is very important, so take your cat to the vet without hesitation.

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