Indoor play ideas to keep your dog busy

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In the winter, daily walks are shorter. The cold, the rain or even the snow don’t frankly make you want to spend hours outside playing ball, Or during the quarantine period (because of corona virus). But even when the weather is not there, dogs still need to be stimulated physically and intellectually.

 Take free inspiration from these 9 ideas for indoor activities to entertain your dog:

  1. Play hide and seek:

With or without a treat in your hand, go into hiding in the house after ordering your dog not to move. Once hidden, call your dog.

Not only will he have to use his flair, sight and hearing to locate you, but he will also be very happy when he finds you and receives your congratulations. If he’s struggling to find you, don’t hesitate to help him by calling him several times.

2. An obstacle course:

Even if you don’t own a 400 M2 villa, you can still make small obstacle courses worthy of the best agility competitions. To do this, bring chairs, stools, tables, cushions… brief, everything that comes your way!

A simple idea of a route can only be carried out with chairs. Install a tunnel of chairs and ask your dog to join you at the other side.

      3. A treasure chair:

Bring a treat or your faithful companion’s favorite toy, and show it to him. Then go hide it in another room of the house. Come back to the room where you left your dog and tell him “look.” I promise, it won’t take long to understand this order. Don’t forget to congratulate him once the item is founded!

      4. Game of 3 goblets:

Put 3 goblets (or cups) in front of your dog. Hide a treat under one of them and ask your dog to find it. Once the exercise is successful, increase the difficulty by mixing the cups after you have arranged the treat.

You can also hide kibbles in multiple objects (socks, shoe boxes, muffin pans, in your hands…), don’t hesitate to make your imagination work!

      5. Education exercises:

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