How to Stop Your Dog From Eating Poop

dogs poop

Canine coprophagia (dogs that swallow their feces), is definitely a problem that dog owners have difficulty managing. It’s difficult to accept this kind of habit that doesn’t make sense and can also become a hygiene problem for all those who are exposed to the animal.

So, why would our pets, whether a cat or a dog, want to eat their feces when they’re perfectly fed with meals specially designed for them?

Canine coprophagia is generally more common in puppies under 1 year of age, but it should be noted that it can occur at any stage, therefore throughout the life of a dog. This widespread problem has still not been extensively researched to find a way to stop our dogs from eating their own feces.

But not everything is grey as there, is still good news for dog lovers like us. Indeed, there are many effective techniques and training methods that we can use to correct this bad habit.

If, like thousands of other masters, you also face this problem, the rest of this article will certainly interest you and give you the solutions you have been waiting for!

Why do dogs eat cat feces or their own?

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