How to care for a blind dog.. 7 tips

blind dog

Like humans, some dogs are not immune to visual blindness.

Whether it’s due to age or illness, whether visual impairment is birth or has occurred in a brutal way, here are all our tips for caring for a blind dog.

As soon as a dog loses its visual abilities, it does not mean that its beautiful life escapes in the same way as its sight! On the contrary, his strong ability to adapt and all the means you will use to make his life easier will allow him to live serenely, despite his disability.

Why does a dog go blind?

The most common causes of partial or total visual blindness in dogs include:

  Cause 1: Cataract (loss of lens transparency).

  Cause 2: Glaucoma (an increase in intraocular pressure that crushes the optic nerve and causes a disconnect between the brain and the eye).

   Cause 3: Uveitis (a uveal infection, which is an intermediate membrane between the cornea and the lens).

   Cause 4: The luxation of the lens.

   Cause 5: Retinal damage (detachment or atrophy. As a result, information no longer reaches the brain.

   Cause 6: Corneal opacity.

How do you recognize that a dog is blind?

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