How to breed cats..


method to breeding your cat :

1: identify when your cat will be fertile

Cats will usually only be fertile during the spring and summer, though indoor cats who are exposed to a lot of artificial lights may be fertile year round. Ovulation is provoked by mating contact, and in case cat does not ovulate, the cycle of fertile, will possibly repeat many times. Some female cats will not demonstrate any sign of this cycle in front of their owners, so be careful, because the some other males they will turn up when a female cat is in heat. The period time of estrous cycle, excluding the anestrus stage, which is when the female is not fertile in the winter.

Proestrus: this period probably last 1 to 2 days, but it’s short (30 minutes to 1 hour), and it’s not the same case in all cats, female calls to the tom, but she will never allow the male near her.

Estrous: this period usually take 1 week, and when female is ready to mating the most special sign of this period is a specific type of yowl. This sound is generally a shortish, plaintive, hollow-sounding yowl that sounds almost like “aah-roo-ugh?”(Though it can vary between breeds, so be sure to check with a breeder who is familiar with your breed) and will be accompanied by the cat doing all she can to get to any Tom’s in the area.

interestrus: in the case of cat female didn’t ovulate, don’t worry, she will be, usually could take about 1 week before estrous periods return. But note that she will not demonstrate any sign of reproductive activity in this period.

            2: know what mating entails

usually,the stud’s owner takes care of all arrangements, but it’s a very good idea knowing what to respected stud owner will hid from you any of his preparations, so make sure that the owner knows well what to do.

– Just after mating contact, the male needs a safe place to escape from the female because she will react viciously.

– You will hear some shrieks from the female (don’t worry, this is normal)

– The female will probably energetically groom herself for about 40 minutes, just after the mating, and she will not allow anyone near her. After that, the estrus period will lasts like it was before the mating until its usual end.

-it is important to make sure a cat is bred more than once during an estrous period since she will not ovulate until after she has mated. 3 breeding a days for the first 3 days of the estrous cycle, gives 70% to 90% chance Queen ovulating.

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