How dogs see the world..

how dogs see

The idea is widespread that dogs see in black-and-white. However, scientists are formal: even if they are not as well equipped as we are, our four-legged friends distinguish certain colors.

It’s time to finally take away the idea that dogs see the world in black-and-white. Certainly, their visual abilities are more limited than ours. But they still can distinguish colors. Or at least some of them.

Let’s first remember that the perception we have of images is built from photoreceptors that focus on our retina. Those in the shape of sticks allow us to perceive light, those in the shape of cones, to distinguish colors. Thus our perception of colors depends on these photoreceptors and the interpretation that our brain makes of them.

The dog’s vision:

The vision of the dog the way we see the world is not limited to how we manage the distinguished colors. So, note that dogs are short-sighted by nature. And some breeds, like the German shepherd, more than others. They also have difficulty judging these distances accurately. Dogs, on the other hand, perceive movements better than men. They record 50 frames per second while we only collect 20. A useful skill to the predators they are. Their field of vision is also wider than ours. It extends over 240° comported to 180° for us. On the color side, know that the dog, like most mammals and (even some human), is bichromate. This means that it has only two types of cones on its retina. Thus dogs distinguish between yellow and blue. But they have more trouble with the red. And the colors they see are generally darker duller than the ones we distinguish.

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