How do you massage your dog? Adopt the right gestures!

dog massage

Whether to soothe your dog or to do him good, massage is a good way to develop a relationship of trust with him and strengthen the bond that unites you. If he accepts that you manipulate him to flinch, the love that carries you must be particularly profound. But be careful, to be sure not to hurt him, it’s better to learn the right gestures!

A quiet place:

First of all, start by choosing a quiet place where your dog feels safe. Avoid moments following periods of excitement (games, outings, etc.).

Get close to him and start gently stroking his head. Do not force him to sit or lie down, let him freely choose the position in which he feels best. Also, let him go when he feels the massage is over. 

Gentle, circular movement:

Using the palm of the hand, or the index finger for small dogs, make circular movements on his ears, on the space between his eyes, his neck, his shoulders, his chest, his front legs, his belly, his back (on either side of the spine), the base of his tail and finally his hind legs. Be careful, don’t press too hard, the goal is to relax it, not to hurt him! 

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