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In USA, most of us believe that ”people food” should not be given to dogs or cats. For 50 years, pet food manufacturers and veterinarians have convinced us that because commercial foods are designed in laboratories by a professional people and because their labels contain a lot of nutrients and claims of being “scientifically balanced” and “nutritionally complete,” they are superior to anything our pets might otherwise consume. Table scraps, raw food, human food, and supplements that might disrupt commercial foods correctly controlled distribution of vitamins and minerals are particularly frowned on.

We’re so used to these notions that most of us accept them without a doubt. But all along, some pet proprietors have adopted an alternate strategy, and in recent years their murmur of protest has become a rallying cry.

What are these eccentric people feeding their pets? Just the things that the specialists say will kill them: home-prepared human foods, fruits and vegetables, raw meat, unpasteurized milk, raw eggs, and worst of all raw bones. If their dogs and cats don’t die from any illness caused by Salmonella, indigestion, botulism, or a deficiency disease, they will surely choke to death or puncture their intestines. Any Vet will tell you that these animals will die without any doubt.

The debate over pet foods is continuous, from the quality and source of their ingredients to their utilization of flavoring agents, colors, and chemical preservatives. Only a few premium brands contain foods suitable for consumption by humans; almost all are made from such questionable raw materials that they have been the subject of lengthy exposés by veterinarians and investigative journalists.

The Best Diet for cats and dogs :

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