Everything about owning a Labrador

Everything about owning a Labrador

The world absolutely loves Labrador retriever, this dog is ranked as the most popular breed by the American, English, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Kennel Club. These dogs are happy easygoing and extremely friendly, the breed is actually from Newfoundland not Labrador in Canada, and were originally bred as retrievers in the cold Labrador Sea.

The average age of this dog is between 10 and 12 years, and his medium-sized and super high-energy, gives the appearance of a dog who is active, strong and muscular. Labradors are recognized by the Kennel Club and a classified as a member of the Sporting Group, there’s a reason Epidaurus reefs are so popular, they usually like absolutely everybody, whether that’s kids, dogs, cats, strangers, you name it ,and the lab will wag her tail in their direction. these extremely versatile dogs are calm in the house yet can be silly and playful fun in the garden, but can be extremely no-nonsense while they’re out in the field working making them not only ideal working dogs, but great family dogs as well.

Labrador retrievers want nothing more than to bring back whatever you’re free for them as long as you’re throwing, this is a very active breed who will need several activities to keep them healthy and happy, they are a gifted swimmers, and by the way swimming is a wonderful way to drain their energy. These dogs want nothing more than to make you happy which makes them a dream to train, their enthusiasm makes them likely to pull one on the lead but with good consistent training these habits easy to break, and it is something you will want to break because there are strong athletic dogs that can easily pull someone over.

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