Cats and hunting


No study of the cat would be complete without a look at how it hunts, in the context of this article, it will give us a better understanding of how all of that amazing feline equipment is put to work and how the animal spends its time when hunting.

The ‘domestication’ of the cat is based on its hunting abilities, it took advantage of a concentration of rodents around stores of grain. In some countries, cats are still valued for their hunting abilities, but in other countries is probably the least appreciated of the cat’s talents. There are two reasons for this lack of appreciation:

First, most people do not understand the fantastic design of the cat and its prowess in hunting; second, today, a lot of owners do not want their cats to hunt. To be a little more accurate, most don’t mind if the cat kills rats or mice (though they would prefer them not to bring their prey indoors, especially if it is not dead), but don’t want to see their pet feline killing birds or other small and furry animals. Our expectations for our cats these days are not only that they live alongside us and our other pets but also that they live peacefully alongside our birds and small mammals.

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